Welcome to the Win & Tonic Monthly Challenge.

We hope you will join in the fun, get lots of inspiration and meet fellow Tonic addicts along the way.

There's a lovely giveaway to be had each month as well : )

Entering The Challenge

If you've never entered a blog challenge before, it can all seem a bit bewildering. But don't worry - it's really easy to do.

If you have a blog, then you need to publish your card or project photo in the usual way, then copy and paste the url of the post - it needs to be the post url and not the url of the actual blog, and to do this, simply click on the blog post title and pick up the url that way.

Now go the the end of the challenge post that you want to enter and you will see a blue button that says 'Add Your Link'

Click on it and then enter your blog post url where it says link - the top line. The linky will go away and look for that post and bring back the pics you posted. It will also add the link title section for you. If there's more than one pic, you will see them all where it says image source, so choose the one you want to add by clicking select. Now all you need to do is to put in your email address - it isn't visible to anybody - and then click done. You will see 'go back to the blog at the top so click that and you will go back to the challenge blog.

You will now see your chosen pic as a thumbnail, along with your name, your blog post title and a number. That is your entry number and when we choose the winner, it's these numbers that we use. That's all you have to do - it's really easy.  You can enter as many different cards as you want - they must be new cards, we don't allow backlinking - and for each card you will need to repeat this process and get a new number.

So what if you dont have a blog?
Well you can still enter and Pamela has put together a little video which will show you what you need to do

You can see it here -

It will work for Instagram pics as well.

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